Outbound Calls
Oubound call is when you call a customer to see if he/she is interested in your product and they might purchase it.
What We Do?
Generate Leads
We generate leads either by Facebook or Google Business to reach as much as organic traffic possible. We can also purchase leads by the industry standard vendors who have lists of possible potential clients.
Product Knowledge
We train our agents from what your products are to how they work and everything in between.
Call Training
We train our agents by showing them how they should deal with your clients knowing all the ins and outs of your product.
We also make sure that the agent says the right thing to make sure the customer buys all that he/she needs from us.
Customer Billing
We train our agents how they can add billing for your customers from the backend and make sure that they go through the entire purchasing process smoothly.
Client Reputation
We train our agents not to disctub people who are not interested in our products by adding them to Do Not Call List because we do not want them to think of your company as a marketing agency.

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